Unique Detail

 Versatile & Modern Designs

        Chic, Fun & Functional

Each of our "hand" bags is hand-crafted adding individual flair to the finished product. There are slight variations of stones, texture and shading that differentiates every single bag from another...no two are alike.


Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. ALI WOOD  “hand” bags offers fabulous functionality and ease without sacrificing style, all within an accessible price range. The signature “hand” held design while aesthetically pleasing is also functional serving the needs of the modern woman.

Designer Purses? It's in the DESIGN. The perfect "hand" bag requires true versatility. The LOLO hobo and EMCEE clutch leather handbags both have removable straps and depending on your mood, help you transition from day to night, casual to cool. Besides, boring is...well...BORING!

ALI WOOD "HAND" BAGS designer handbags are simply put...INCREDIBLY DESIGNED!



It's not just a "hand" bag, it's "hand" art!